State of the Internet – where are we with the IPv6 deployment

It is the beginning of 2021, after an year of changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever we see the importance of global connectivity and communication. In an year of restrictions and isolation and in a hard time of changed priorities we had just the right tools, solutions and infrastructure to not separate ourselves but to stay connected. And as challenging times do happen every once in a while this time we kept more together than ever.

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Lightning talk: Opensource Windows?! – OpenFest 2015

Talking about open source we often see the Linux world and also often Windows is seen as the evil antagonist. Well although in the past few years Microsoft has made a turn towards open source, we most certainly won’t see an open sourced Windows in the near future. Anyways in this lightning talk I’ve shared a few words about the ReactOS project which is an attempt to make an Windows NT compatible open source kernel and OS.

Lightning Talk: The success story of my fail as a team lead

“The success story of my fail as a team lead” was a spontaneous and quick talk about what i think many people would be happy to know when they move into more leader/manager position for the first time. It is truly a story about lessons that i learned during my time as a lead of the system administration team – a position that i may had the technical experience to do, but i definitely learned a lot on the fly in terms of how to lead, inspire and grow a great, happy and successful team. I believe this talks sums up a lot of truth for people who are just stepping into lead position.

It appears that the record has some technical issues and unfortunately has no sound. In some near future I’ll try to sum up the talk into a blog post.